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Before I begin, I want to make it clear, I am not pointing any fingers, I am not naming any names, and I most certainly am not laying any blame. Those are things I try not to do, realizing that I am nowhere near perfect either.

I have tried many various techniques on Twitter and other various sites to avoid direct advertising. My assumption was that most people don’t like it. I am now beginning to think I may have been wrong in this idea.

I thought that by not advertising, my followers, readers, fans, and subs would notice this, and in there desire to support me, would at least share some of my other things with their audiences. That I was clearly wrong on.

I thought that by sharing other people’s things, they might reciprocate and again it seems I am wrong.

It is beginning to look that no one, regardless of what I do for them, appreciates it and I now wonder if I should stop treating them kindly and start doing, what it seems every single indie artist is doing…blatant advertising!

It seems to me people are telling me they want this, they need me to tell them what to do, where to go, what to buy. It litterly seems as if they are saying “We are steeple and need to be led.” They can’t find their way to any website, they can’t seem to enjoy and share my things, without the advertising.

So it seems my idea of different approach, of more entertainment and less advertising, is not appeasing the masses. Thus I have come to you, all of you that advertise daily, hourly, and by the minute, to ask a very simple question.

Does it work? Do your followers, fans, subs, mind? Do they share those adverts? Does it generate more sales? Notice that I ask this one last? It’s because it is not about money. Don’t get me wrong, I am not rich and certainly like anyone else, could use it. But the most important thing, for me personally, is getting the word out. Getting more people to enjoy the stories I have to share. So will direct advertising do that for me or not?

Please don’t be a sheeple and just like this damn thing. Say something and be heard. I want to hear your experiences. I NEED to read what you have experienced with this approach.

I welcome anyone with experience in direct marketing to people on social media websites to share their experiences with me. Whether they be good, bad, or in-between. Thx for reading and have an awesome day!