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It is path. A path hidden from the eyes of most. For the world, has left so many jaded, and their glasses darkened to black. It is no wonder, it is a path, less traveled. One cannot traverse that which is unseen.

Yet, I have for many years, found myself on this path. It is a path of learning, of knowledge, of higher beliefs, and consciousness. It is a path, meant to take me to a better plane of existence, when I leave this dreadful world behind. It is a path that is less traveled for a reason. Even if one can see it, most cannot endure the perils, that lay upon it.

In every journey, there is the unexpected, that which lies around the bend. Even those, with the greatest gift of foresight, cannot see how far a ripple will reach. You can make every plan, but in the end your plans, are like paper put to fire. Ashes…ashes and dust.

Having been down this road for so long, you would think I could sense its design, I could know its ways, I would have more insight into its plans. However, while I may have a general idea, of what may come next, I am never completely sure. I listen to its words, and I hear what it tells me, but I do not always understand, the true meaning beneath them.

I am too far down the road to turn back now. I have an entire life invested in it and I CAN see, that there is not much distance, left for me to go. I can see that this path’s end draws ‘nigh. The rider at the other end approaches. Will he slice me down, before I reach the end, or will he finally offer me the way to the end. Either way, I am not afraid of him, the path I am on, or what lies beyond.

I only fear…what I leave behind.