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I am well aware, that the traditional method of obtaining an agent, is to send a query letter and some pages of a book. However, recent changes in the publishing industry have changed, and created a new paradigm. Agents want to represent writers who publish in a genre that they have interest in, but they also want the writer to have a good social presence. I have that in spades. In fact, I have more followers than a lot of currently published authors of major publishers.

Not only do I have 18.3k followers on Twitter, I have over 3k subs and fans on various sites. I have successfully written and marketed two self-published books, with a 3rd book currently in editing. To top all that off, I have an extremely controversial book I am working on. What more could a agent want? Perhaps for me to do their job for them too! Lol!

In all seriousness, take a look at this book opening and info, then tell me you can’t sell me and this book. If you can’t, you should probably be seeking another line of work. The open invitation expires the minute this book is published. So if you are looking for that book, that makes you become somebody of importance, the time is now.

Consider this post your query letter, and this website, the pages. View the welcome tweet and the book opening. Then, and only then, contact me via my contact page. Your credentials will be checked, so don’t waste our time, if you are not legit.