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I have some room in my ARC program. Perhaps I should explain what is required of each.

Beta Reader- Will read book, take notes of obvious errors missed in editing, and point out anything thing they found unclear. Then post a honest review of the book to Amazon(after release) and/or Facebook author page(before release). In return they get a Free copy of the finished ebook and a hand signed paperback version. This position requires someone with experience in beta reading, and there is Only one opening for it. You must have read Shadow Shifters Book 1 or be willing to read it immediately.

ARC(Advance Reader Copy)- They will be given the book after all editing is done based upon editor and beta reader’s input. This is the final copy of the book that will be published. They get this for free and the only thing required from them is to post an honest review to Amazon or Barnes and Noble website(After release). I only have two open slots for this program currently. Obviously, they also should have read the first book of the Shadow Shifter series.

The Shadow Shifters series is a YA Paranormal Horror with Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements.

If you are interested in either of these and agree to those terms, please contact me via the Contact page of this site. Thank you for reading and have a great 4th of July weekend!