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The good first I suppose. The beta reader, who is also a top book reviewer at Goodreads.com, will be available to beta read Shadow Shifters 2, when it is done with editing. The bad news is my normal reader beta reader, is looking at major surgery, and may not be able to do it. I really hope that is not the case but if it does happen, I will need another beta reader. The last thing I need is more delays on this book.

With that in mind, I am seeking another beta reader. You MUST have experience in doing this. At minimum you will receive a free E-copy of the book for doing it and honestly reviewing it. If there are enough sales( there was for the first book) you will receive a hand signed copy of the paperback version. Again, you must have experience beta reading. I need genuine feedback and error checking, not just someone who wants a free copy. Lastly, you must have read the first Shadow Shifters book or be willing to read it immediately obviously.

If you are interested and think you qualify, please use the contact page of this blog.

Thanks for reading and have a majikal day everyone!