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When I first started work on Shadow Shifters 2 I had about 10k followers. I thought, well I could do the cover myself, like I did on the first book. Then I thought, I have more followers now, and could actually help others this time. So I asked if anyone wanted a chance to get their name, and website, in front of 10k people. Someone did, and after looking at her website, I decided she could do the job.

So after a brief email convo, we got started on it, until my vision of what should be on the cover, came to life. She was patient, easy to work with, and talented. Heck, if you can work with me, then you can work with anyone! 🙂 Her name is Amy Crawford and her website is here. If you ever need any artwork of any kind done, I cannot recommend her enough.

So here is what you came to see!

shadowshifters2 cover

Again, here is her website- http://www.amycrawfordart.wordpress.com

This picture has everything that embodies the genre, the target age group, and even some clues. I hope you like it as much as I do.:)

I’ll be working on the 3rd book soon…anyone else want a chance to get in front of 15k followers? Drop me an email from my contact page.