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Word are scattered to the four winds, yesss,

and upon their arrival, some hear while others resist.

Not all are able to deal with life’s many truths,

They throw away any such notions, preferring their make believe lies.


But unseen things cannot always be hidden from,

not for long indeed, I tell you.

In doing such things we abandon,

what might be the only hope, we yet may have.


Those with the courage, the bravery strong in their hearts,

could not turn away from such words, anymore than they,

could turn away from life itself. ‘Tis true as anything.

while the meek may inherit the earth, the brave shall inherit the universe.


In learning and accepting the words spoken,

a plan was laid out, devised with one thing in mind.

To confront more of the truth, to find its root.

Ahhh yes, in doing so they created a reality with promise.


-Libro Tenebrarum Susurrat