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When I left behind my personal account at Facebook a couple of years ago, I expected to be done with them. I soon discovered I needed a Facebook author page as part of a “proper” platform. To this day I don’t quite get why. But it is there and really is for my fans. I have no use for anything in which people won’t communicate with me. But I digress from the purpose of this post.

I posted this to this blog instead of my main blog, because it is connected to more accounts. Facebook in it infinite annoyance, has taken upon itself to update all their apps, every two weeks. Facebook still does not seem to get the simple fact that a lot of people are limited in the amount of data, they can use per month and that data is not frickin’ cheap. Now why would anyone on a limited data plan, from a cell phone company, want to be wasting their data updating an app or for that matter the three apps they have out, for us page owners? No one would want to waste their data like that!

Therefore, I shall be deleting all three Facebook apps from my IPad, IPhone, and my computer. It is not like followers, fans, or friends don’t have other means of contacting me. They can actually post to my Facebook author page. They can DM me at Twitter. They can use the contact pages of either this or my main blog. And if they are one of the lucky few who have my phone number, they can text me anytime, day or night.

I just wanted people to know that I won’t be using anymore Facebook apps until they change their updating policies. I have a total of 40Gb per month that I must share with my wife. I won’t be wasting anymore of it on Facebook.

Thx for reading and have a great day!