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 Sometime within the next month, I will be doing a LIVE audio chat session with my fans, followers, and subscribers. During this chat session, I will be bring my guitars B.B.(Les paul) and G.G.(strat) and of course, my voice. I will be previewing a couple of live versions, of soon to be released songs, and I will revealing information on book and music releases ,and what the future holds for both. Of course, I will also be answering your questions, whether those questions are about books or music. This Live audio chat will last, no longer than one hour, that depends really upon how many questions are flung at me.:)

 If you want to make sure, you are notified of when the event starts, go to http://mixlr.com/lucid-chaos/ and click the “Follow” button(top left side of the page). Depending upon how many people join in, will determine, if there will be future Live audio chats. In other words, you will be the ones who decide its success. I am sorry I cannot reveal a specific date, because it really depends on my writing schedule, and how things work out. As I know more, so shall you. Hope to see you there!