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While the name of the company is still in flux, the idea and reasons for creating it are not. After Shadow Shifters, Book 2 is written, I will be forming a publishing company. Mostly for tax purposes but also as a means of helping other young and talented writers and musicians get noticed.

Of course, no great project can be done alone, therefore, I will be looking for people to join me in this venture. I will be seeking another full time editor, a dedicated artist, and a social media expert at minimum. How much time and effort you are willing to invest will determine how much money you will make.

Once the company is formed, I will then be seeking other authors and musicians who write dark stories or music. Of course, the sooner you sign up with us, the quicker we will be able to help you get the notice you deserve. With me having nearly 14k Twitter followers alone, I am certain that a company filled with people who have learned how to build their social media platform (or can be taught), will easily be able to get your products, books or music noticed.

Anyone interested in joining me on this next part of my journey, please use the contact page to reach me.