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The family problems have been resolved, at least temporarily. Life always has another twist to add to the plot. In the meantime, I have resumed work on Shadow Shifters Book 2 and started work on a Blues song(Yep, gonna do something different). 

It should be noted for future reference, that while I may be the one who ends up dealing with family problems, due to my lack of a steady paying job, I will never give up writing or creating music. Both of them, I have been doing as long as I can remember, and know no other way to live. Simply put…I won’t allow anything to stop me from creating, only death will have a chance at that. 

If I ever stop sharing my creations…well, now that is an entirely different matter and completely out of my hands. When the fans no longer care enough to enjoy them, then I will stop sharing them. But I will never stop creating them.

Back to work…