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I cannot for the life of me, remember the last time I put pen to paper, but I do know it has been many years. For the first time, in all those years, I now wish I was writing this on paper. For it is better to cry onto paper, than to cry upon your electronic device.

After over 7 months of dealing with property managers, their cold attitudes and lies, we had to finally accept that Jax, (the puppy I got for my wife) could not stay with us any longer. We had to do what was best for the puppy and not what was best for us. We had to send him back to his original foster mom, in hopes that she could work with him and get him into a home, where they own their own land and won’t have to deal with, the types of toxic environments we had to.

To be honest, I cannot say whether I am more mad at the RV park managers or if I am more sad about the loss of a good friend. I also cannot say with complete sincerity, that I will not end up, simply reverting back to my old evil self, that my wife rescued me from. I can say I am tired. Oh so tired, of this world taking from me, anything and everything I love. I can say, that if something does not change and soon, you may see me on TV as the next big story.

Thank you Jax for the little time I got to spend with you! Our time together may have been short but you taught me so much about dogs, myself, and how the world really is. I hope you find a place that will give you, what we apparently could not. Thank you my friend…I shall endeavor to remember and honor, all that we shared.

To all of you who read this, please take note of what our society and governments are doing to old people in RV parks. It is criminal and needs to be stopped! Abuse of the elderly should never be tolerated and in the end it is innocent ones like Jax, myself, and my wife, who end up suffering and devastated, by the gross inhumanity of the RV parks/resorts, who treat people like they have no rights, because they don’t living in one.