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Given the situation, I have to be careful what I say, due privacy issues. So I can’t discuss the who, what, where, or when. The one thing I can discuss is the why. The reason I can discuss this part, is because I am directly responsible in a way, for getting stuck with the situation.

When a family emergency or crisis takes place, usually the person who gets tasked with dealing with it, is the person with the most time. This means the person without a job. In my family, that is me.

But wait, I have a job. No, a job is something which makes you a reliable amount of income. Neither my music or my books do that. Even my wife, who is my biggest supporter cannot help me, when it comes to this. She can’t defend me, if all I’ve managed to make from 3 yrs. worth of writing novels is less than $50.00.

I must take the blame all myself. Apparently, a website filled with writings and 35+ yrs. of writing experience is not enough to convince people to spend, even a dollar on one of my books.  I had a sale for 10 days in December on both my books for 99 cents and was unable to convince, even a single person, to invest one dollar on a book and that was with more than 12k fans, followers, and subscribers.

You would think with all the things I have to show, I should be able to convince my fans that I am a legitimate writer. Apparently, either people are just using me for my funny pictures, or they simply take my creativity for granted. Or maybe I don’t advertise enough. I never wanted to turn my Twitter account into a fucking advertising billboard, but maybe that is exactly what I need to do, for people to take me seriously. Yesterday, I even had one follower comment, that my advertising was not serious enough. When a fan tells you that, you obviously must be doing something wrong.

So because of my failure in advertising; my writing, my music creation, everything I do, is not taken seriously by anyone and ALL of my fans, followers, and subs will take back seat ALWAYS, to every tiny little family problem.

Unfortunately, I am not a salesman. I am merely a lowly writer who must tell tales. So until either I decide to turn my Twitter account into an advertising billboard, or my fans decide to stand up for themselves and demand to be taken seriously by buying the books or music, these kind of situations, will always place YOU in the backseat.

I am reluctant to turn my Twitter account into an advertising billboard but if that is what it takes to be taken seriously, I will do it. I am tired of being the one that shit always falls to, simply because I don’t have a steady job.

I want to make it perfectly clear. I take full responsibility for what has happened and I find it completely unfair to those fans who have shown their support. I wish there was more I could do to change things, but even turning my Twitter account into a bunch of advertising is no guarantee, that I will ever be taken seriously enough for my fans to come first. There is only one way that guarantees that this cannot ever happen again and that can only be accomplished by the fans. Either the fans decide that they like less advertising and take my work seriously or they decide they want to advertised to all the time and remain in the backseat. This is something beyond my control. It is up to you.

I have said all I can on this and now must get back to dealing with things. Again, I will let you know here first, when I can come back.