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Many of my fans, followers, and subscribers, might be wondering with all the moving going on, if JB has had any time to work on anything.

Well, actually I have. I have been working on a mini project… A novella, titled “The God Killer”. It will be an introduction, to an ongoing series about a serial killer, who kills in the name of God. Sound controversial? Perhaps, but I don’t really care. I don’t follow trends… I create them. At any rate, I am hoping to publish it between Shadow Shifters 2 and 3.

So without further ado, here is the opening scene to The God Killer(rough draft).-

He whispers to me. He whispers in the dark of night. His voice comes drifting up from the darkness and fire that is below. He wants me to hear his words. He wants me to see his version of what he believes is the truth. But I shall not yield to his words. I shall not bend to his will. I will never cower to his lies, for indeed they must be lies. An angel told me the truth when I was but a mere child. He told me all I needed to know and what my role to play in this world was. I was to be God’s justice upon the earth. I was to be his arms and legs. I was to be his mind and body. I was to be the vessel of judgement he desired. I was to become what the press named me. I was to become the God Killer. I am he who obeys his master without question. I am Zachariah…my few friends just call me Z.

When he speaks to me at night, he tries to convince me that I am what the newspapers call me. He tries to tell me that killing is wrong. I ask him to explain to me why our nation’s killers are called heroes. Just because a government tells you to kill, that makes the act of doing so heroic. That makes it right? He tells me I am correct. He says all killing is equally wrong. Just because someone says you can do something does not mean you should. He tells me that men and their laws are not always to be trusted. He tells me that my conscience should be my guide. I tell him my conscience is fine. I tell him I serve the highest power in the universe. There can be no greater cause. There can be nothing that is more right and just. I tell him God is my conscience.

He then tells me I am no better than a soldier blindly following orders. He tells me I am, in fact worse than that. He says even a soldier following orders does not deliberately kill innocents. I tell him nobody is innocent. I tell him even children may not be. For certainly a child may be stained at conception by his parents sins. I tell him that even a child learns to lie by the age of two. I tell him I could kill nearly all of the people of the planet and never slay one innocent being. I tell him he knows nothing of innocence. He has never been so and should not pretend to know that which he does not.

He says the world seems to agree with him. I am an abomination and deranged. I say it is only right that they should do so. For who else would defend a liar such as him except for sinners. He tells me someday they will catch me and then I will have to pay the price. I tell him even if that is true, they will only have caught my body. Even if it does come to pass God will save me from their lies and corrupted justice.

He returns to me randomly trying to convince me to change my cause. I tell him to take his lies elsewhere. I know who he is and what he really wants. You might call him many names. Satan, Lucifer, the fallen angel and such. I just call him Luci. This my tale though and not his. I will share it with you. It is my hope that in doing so, you might understand what you did not before. I am Zachariah…don’t ever forget my name.