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I woke this morn’ with a deep sorrow, in the marrow of my very bones.

For I saw it, clearly, precisely, unbelievably vivid in the harshness, presented to me.

It was a vision, not a dream. It was the future, not a fantastical story.

It was what is to come and what shall be.


I am unsure why I was given this gift of vision. Gift? Maybe not.

Maybe it was just another curse, to pile upon those, I already have.

Whatever the reason behind it, only the universe knows.

I hope it was not the last message, before what I saw, becomes real.


I saw the world aflame. I saw the air filled with flame, ashes, and the screams of the dying.

I saw our children dying in droves. Their little forms writhing in pain, as fire engulfed them.

I watched the remaining birds, fall from the sky and the dogs drowning, on their own vomit.

I saw the end of humanity.


In a very deep way I was saddened.

Down to the very core of my being.

My heart barely beat. Each beat seemingly more intense and more painful than the last.

I too was dying. I was dying from the inside out.


When I awoke this morn’ I thought it was just another nightmare.

Then I turned on the TV and reality sunk in.

Anyone could easily see what I have seen.

Most just choose to believe it is a nightmare.


The lucid nightmares of today WILL become the reality of tomorrow.

Unless we as species, accept and attempt to change, all that we have destroyed.


I do not see that happening. I see the world spinning backwards.

With that in mind, I wish to say farewell to humanity.

You know your destruction is upon you and you do all you can to help it along.

I am saddened, that I can do nothing to change us, for we must want to change first.


J.B. Thomas

© 2014 JB Thomas