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For on this day, war did come, to the land of shadow.
They expected it, anticipated…yes, indeed!
But they did not expect how it came.
Mysterious, yes was its ways.

It came not upon a great black stallion,
Nor did it arrive with the sunrise.
It seeped in with the darkness of night.
Hidden yes, it was. But not unknown.

‘Twas a seer of question,
That saw them slither in.
It was a seer,
I tell you, so that you might see too.

Ummm…yes, seeeee

Once the hero had arrived,
The shadows…could hide no more.
This gave them nothing,
It only made them look for other ways.

Once they began to look,
Inside the knowledge of the book.
A key that was needed,
And a warning to be heeded.

Then it was…as it was foreseen, to be.
There will be no surrender, under the Joshua tree.

-Libro Tenebrarum Susurrat