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By now I am sure most all of you have discovered, that I am not nearly as sane as I often seem to me.:) But despite that fact, so many of you still stood by me and offered support. Sometimes, all a person needs is the knowledge that someone else gives a shit about you, in order to get going in the right direction. To that end, me and my wife discussed options and decided to move. We went forward with that decision and found a nice lot with a big oak tree next to it, tucked away in a little cul-de-sac, away from the busy part of this different RV park. It also has only one neighbor and will never have more than that, because the lot is right next to the dumpsters. Garbage cannot report you or bully you. It might stink but at least it won’t talk (If it ever does, my next living location will be very sanitary and padded).

In the meantime, I will be staying inside to avoid as many panic attacks as possible and will be making the RV move-ready.

That having been said, let me get to the reason for posting this. Because of all the stress and chest pains, I raised the price of my books to ” in the event of my death pricing”. I also raised the prices, to be able to donate more to charity. However, the recent outpouring of support has placed me into the position of trying to give back to the fans and followers. Yet, I still want to be able to donate to worthy causes, thus I had to form a compromise. I decided to give up my profits off of the books and some off the amount I wished to donate to help my fans and followers have a chance to read my books.

Thus both Little Moments of Truth and Shadow Shifters will both be marked down to just $2.99 each. I wish I could lower them to .99 cents but that is pointless. All proceeds at that price would just end up going to Amazon(takes 70% at that price) and the government(taxes). There would be nothing left to be donated. This was the best compromise I could justify doing and still retain my desire to help out those less fortunate. This is one position I will not waver from. Stand up for something or die for nothing.

I will change the prices today and will leave at that price for a week, giving everyone who was there for me, a chance to purchase if they desire. You can find my books at- https://amazon.com/author/jbthomas

There are also links and reviews on the “My Books” page here. Yes, the links to Barnes and Noble are also there.

I hope everyone sees the effort I am making here in attempt to thank them for their support whilst at the same time, trying to maintain my principals. At this point, it is one of the few things that makes sense to me. Thx for reading and try to make everyday as awesome as you can. Each day only comes once.