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A door opens and once again you can see inside the mind. This time, however, you see the other half of the mind. You might be thinking that last time you thought you saw all of it but I can assure you, my friend, there is much more to see. For EVERY human being has at least two sides of thinking, whether they realize it or not. The good things and the bad things that happen to us, on a daily basis, not only affect us externally but also influence our mind and the way in which we perceive the world.

What you read in the first half of The Inner Dialogue was, for lack of a better term, the bad side of my inner nature arguing with my rationale. The rationale is the part of you that uses logic to arbitrate between our good side and our bad side. The rationale is what ultimately decides the actions we take, but before it does this it must hear from both sides. So let’s hear what the other side has to say, shall we?

Yes, I can see. I can see that the other side has completely valid issues. But not all of the story has been told yet and there is some good in all this. Firstly, you might not have been bullied and beat up so much in school, if you would have chosen to not fight back. When people get no reaction or an action they do not desire, they have a tendency to move on. Even though I had no father around to really teach me this, I was certainly bright enough to have figured this out. Therefore, I must at least accept partial blame for this.

Indeed! Ultimately, we all are responsible for our actions. There were other paths you could have chosen. The path of ” I take shit from no one.” was not the best one to take. But as long as we are going down the blame lane let’s put some of the blame were it really belongs…the schools staff openly ignored bullying going on, right under their noses. Had they been doing their job of providing a safe learning environment for all students, alot of this crap would have never happened. Ignoring a problem never makes it go away. It only gives the problem room to grow.

Then there is notion that so few people might be affected by the books and music, that is just seems not worth the time. Sorry, I gotta totally disagree with the whole idea. If you can affect change in even only one person, then the task is worthy of undertaking. You know what you plan on writing and that the message hidden within, is a good message. It is a message worth hearing and something a lot of people need to know. In this knowledge, you should be completely confident that someone will see it for what it really is, and grow from it. Besides, no one can tell the future and what affects little today could affect millions in the future.

I have to give this point to you. No one can predict the future because the future is in constant flux. If anyone can read or listen, then they should be at least given the opportunity to do so. Not everyone is the same, thus they should not be treated as if they are.

As to the past, that should remain there. I get the idea that one cannot control their dreams and concede that damage done many years ago cannot be erased or undone. However, it should be noted what you do now will become part of your past. Would you choose a path now that might lead to future nightmares? Obviously that would not be the wisest of actions.

I agree. The past should remain where it belongs. The past is only good for one thing, to learn from. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

One major crux of the argument seems to be if anyone deserves to be given the opportunity to learn and enjoy what you have to share. That seems to me to be a bit arrogant. To presume you know if anyone deserves anything is simply wrong thinking. Sure, you can think of some people who do not deserve to benefit from what you share, but you also know for a fact that there are others out there, who absolutely deserve to be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. Those who have already shown they trust you and have joined in the journey you now take. Would you just abandon those who stood by you? Would you reject those who have given you their trust? Would you shut your eyes to those who believe in you?

Agreed! We must always judge people individually and must then only judge, their actions. If everyone has not done the same thing, then everyone should not be treated the same way.

Lastly, there is the issue of who benefits from your books and music. I believe that there is probability that you will not benefit from sharing your music and books. Your bad health certainly makes that likely. Certainly, it is unfair that all of your hard work others will benefit from but not you. Life is often unfair and unkind even to the noblest people. But that does not mean you cannot make sure that the right people benefit from your labors. It only means you have to look at it differently. While you cannot control who reads or listens, you can control who gets the money from it. Not only can you control this while alive, you can even control it in your death with your Last Will and Testament.

That is quite an idea. By making sure that deserving people receive money from your work, then you are providing a solution that both sides can agree on. Thus both of you can set aside your argument in pursuit of a purpose higher than yourself.

Bad Side chimes in- Wait! I never said I could agree to this. It does sound like something worthwhile but only if I can be certain that the money that is donated is only given to those who truly deserve it and need it. If you can do that, then I’ll stop my whining and jump on-board.

It seems we now have an agreement of sorts. Both of you agree that money should be given from all music and book sales to people who deserve it. Might I make a suggestion as to whom I believe deserves the money the most. 

Both sides shout “Please do!”

Logic dictates that the people who deserve the money the most are those who will die without it. Thus my suggestion is that the money goes to fight world hunger. The greatest shame of mankind is that in a world of plenty, people are starving to death. This is one of the world’s greatest woes and could be solved immediately, if mankind would start acting & behaving as adults. Adults do not throw temper tandrums when they do not get their way. They sit down and discuss the problem like rational human beings, until the problem is resolved. Yet, we let our leaders act like children. They throw a little fit and start killing each other over nearly anything. When will humanity grow up and act like the civilized human beings they claim to be? I have no answer for that. However, I do know that we as a species will either learn to live together or we will die together. Until the children grow up and learn to play together nicely, we as a people, as one species, must be accountable for which child we elect to run our country. Until war has been outlawed and the money we waste on it is diverted toward feeding the people of this planet, it is our duty and responsibility, as sentient lifeforms and the people who elected these leaders, to take care of ourselves. Until we have obtained the enlightenment to do so, at least half of all future book or music sales shall be donated toward ending world hunger.

The door to the mind closes once more.

Was there a purpose in writing this? Did I have agenda? The simple answer is yes and no. I wanted to show that writers, musicians, artists of all kinds are the same as normal people, in regards to thoughts, actions, deeds, and motives. We all want the same thing, to make this world a better place for our children and future generations. We all want to see the end of war, disease, hunger, etc. We all have our inner dialogues about these things and and many others. The only thing that separates us is how we choose to deal with them. Up until this point in the history of humanity, we have failed in creating that better world. We have let those in power slowly ruin our planet and sat back thinking their would be no consequences in doing so. We were wrong and we must, each of us in own way, at least try to do something about it.

As for agenda; no, I typed not a single word in hope of gaining coin. I am not feeble-minded enough to think that ANY amount of sales will allow me to change the world. That will only happen when enough people are fed up with seeing the world regress and take action to make change happen. Until that day arrives, I will do my part, even after I have left this world.

Thank you for reading.

J.B. Thomas