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The proof has been received and approved. Here is the direct link to it- Shadow Shifters Print Version Because I want add value to my readers not only is this book larger than my 1st book, it is also cheaper. As an added bonus I am going to limit the number of 1st editions sold to 1000 copies only. After that, the book will be changed to reflect this.

The above link is a direct link to the Createspace (Owned by Amazon) book page. You can either buy it there or wait 3-5 days for it to appear on Amazon for the same price. When I have the Amazon link, I will add it to the My Books page here.

I honestly have to say that the print version of this book, pictures simply do not do justice. It looks amazing and I am glad I took the time to create a custom cover for it. Thanks for reading and have a awesome day!