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Most of my unpacking has been done and I shall once more dive down into the Shadow realm, so that I may continue to weave the story of Shadow Shifters Book 2. But how does this affect us, the readers?

It affects the readers in 2 ways. For those who follow me on Twitter.com, they shall notice a change in my tweeting schedule. When I write, I do so first thing in the morning, while my mind is fresh and filled with the new ideas. Therefore, I will be tweeting everyday after I have finished my writing for that day. The one benefit my Twitter followers shall gain from this transition is they shall be seeing excerpts from my new book, whereas those will be posted nowhere else. If that perks your interest in following me on Twitter, my Twitter name is @JB_Thomas.

This second piece of information affects everyone who has yet to delve into the land of shadows. Shadow Shifters Book 1 shall be on sale for over 60% off the normal price, for a very limited time. This gives more people a chance get into the highly rated YA Paranormal Horror series at a lower price. All the links to buy are here and the price should change sometime today. Here is are couple quick links for US readers- B & N and Amazon.

Those who have already read the first book and liked it, please re-post/tweet(links for doing so are at the bottom of this post) this post for your followers.

Until next I type…may you stay hidden…even from the shadows.