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After speaking with other writers, authors, and various people from many walks in life, I have gained a little more perspective into the entire matter of FREE books. While what happened with my first novel was tragic and showed me much about the world, I have come to see that there many different ways of dealing with such things. I have decided that a limited amount of FREE books should be given out for each book and only given to those who truly desire to read, enjoy, and review. Those who value and cherish, writing and reading. Those who believe in giving credit,where credit is due.

Just handing out an unlimited amount of copies devalues, the work and the story. So even though Shadow Shifters, Book 1 has been released, I am going to begin the new ARC program with it. An ARC program should start with the first book of a series, not in the middle of it.

While I stand upon the perch of diving into the next book in the series, I will be giving out an extremely limited amount of ARCs of Shadow Shifters Book 1. If you are someone interested in receiving an ARC, simply go to this page and learn what to do next.


Until I type next…may you stay hidden, even from the shadows.