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After posting the questions yesterday, I thought a bit more about Shadow Shifters and what could be done, before I moved. I then realized, that anything that could be stopped and restarted could be done. Such laying out the major events, what secrets need to be revealed, etc. basically all the background outlining stuff, and the opening and ending can be done because all of these are things that can be stopped and restarted, without interrupting the flow of the book, since most of it is never part of the book.

Thus as time allows, I will be working on the behind the book things, until the move is complete and I can type without interruption. So in celebration of work beginning on the 2nd Shadow Shifters book, I have decided to reduce the price of the first book to 50% of the normal price(this could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs. to show up on Amazon and B & N.). This sale will end without warning. In other words, the first book will be $3.00 until I decide the sale is over. It could be 24 hrs. or 2 weeks, who knows. Oh wait, I do, lol! Anyway, the links to buy Shadow Shifters, Book 1 are in the “My Books” section, up top of this blog.:)

Lastly, I already knew the next scene for the second book, when I finished writing the first. So here it is, a sneak peek at Shadow Shifters Book 2. The opening scene…


As Mark’s body impacted with the tree, every bone in his smallish frame vibrated with an intense pain he’d never felt before.For a second he actually thought he might pass out as his eyes rolled around in their sockets. He should have known… he should’ve seen it coming. After what just took place in the dungeon, he really should’ve seen it coming. Heck, even the sky had given him a clue as they’d walked out of the castle. The sky was beginning to fill with dark storm clouds. A storm was brewing and one glance of Joshua’s face, reflected back that sky to him. Oh yeah, he should’ve known. He should’ve ran right out the gates and never looked back. It was too late now. He had turned back to look at Joshua and that was it. There was no time to run now. He’d wasted that time, the second he choose to look back. Now he faced the consequence of second guessing his gut. But he never was one to trust that inner voice. The little voice he barely heard anymore. The little voice that screamed at him to run. Now he knew it was too late to listen.


As any man might do given the situation, he looked around with pleading eyes, hoping someone would intervene. No one did. He saw Tom take a step toward him and that was as far as he got, before colliding with the back of Doris’ arm. She glanced back at him and shook her head with a firm ‘NO’. Tom immediately stopped in his tracks. He knew he was bigger, younger, and faster than Doris, but he also knew that she had way more field experience than him, and the reputation that comes with that experience. He decided it might not be in his best interest, to interfere, for the time being. No absolute need to get involved just yet. After all, the argument had not gotten into a hitting stage yet. Tom took a step backwards and gave Mark a look of embarrassment.


Mark’s eyes landed on Bill next. He quickly concluded that he was going to be of no assistance. Bill had started walking back away from them, before they’d even stepped past the outer castle gate. He imagined Bill had seen the look on Joshua’s face sooner than he did. Bill was still trying to put even more distance between himself and Joshua. Mark’s eyes quickly darted away from Bill, to Sara. He could see the worry and concern on her face. So was far too worried and scared to even consider asking for help. He turned to Ben and noticed he was doing the same thing as Bill, only he was moving in the opposite direction, but it was still away from Joshua and Mark. Ben did not hide his fear of this entire situation. Who could blame him? Certainly not Mark. He was experiencing the same fear as Bill, Ben, and Sara, only amplified by the power of 10.


Joshua was not a small guy by any standards. Most good quarterbacks weren’t. They were usually tall. Not a goliath like an offensive or defensive lineman, but he was certainly taller than everyone else there, with the exception of Tom. Having a guy this size pick you up and carry you over 6 feet, to slam you into a tree, was something he’d never experienced before and knew completely, that he never desired to experience it again.


Finally, as he realized there was no aid for him, his eyes slid back to Joshua.



That’s it for now, until I type next, TC and have a great one!