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For those who missed the previous parts, there is now a link in the novel section ,that when clicked, will show every post made tagged with this story(possibly novel). As stated previously, this is completely free and in rough draft format, meaning it is not edited by anyone, other than myself. Shall we continue?


Charles considered the last question asked of him and then stated, “Are there any items in this place, which might ease the withdraw symptoms, I am going through?” The computer replied” Scanning all objects in household and cross referencing them with Heroin detox. Would you like a printed list or will a verbal one suffice?” He considered the question, then begrudgingly said, “A printed list would be better, I suppose.” He really hated the idea of having to wait for something to be printed, but in his state of mind, figured it might be best. The computer responded immediately, with the noise of a printer sliding out, from another hidden recess within a wall and began printing. While it was doing this, Charles thought of another question, and asked, “What is your name, or how should I address you in the future, if I am in more need of assistance?”

The computer replied, ” I am the Complete Household Automatic Neural Control Environment. Some people refer to us as C.H.A.N.C.E. However, I will respond to whatever name you have asked me to. Your last request was that I respond to Joleana. Did you desire to change this designation or would you like to keep it?” It was his daughter’s name and he would never forget that. Quickly he replied, ” No, that is fine.  Joleana would you mind reorganizing the files? I would like all the case files placed in to the same folder and with the most recent ones first. Include all media files with them.” The computer replied instantly, “Most certainly! Is there anything else I can do for you, Charles?” To which he replied sarcastically, “Well, if you could replace my memory files that are missing, that would be great.” The computer replied with its usual tone of indifference, “I am sorry Charles, that is not within the limits of my capabilities. While I am able to interact with your neural network, I am unable to tamper with or replace any memories. I do not have access to them unless given permission by you to do so. Do you wish to grant me access to your memory files?” While considering this question, Charles noticed that the printer has stopped printing. He walked over to it and removed the piece of paper from it. On it was a small list of items:

  • Xanax
  • Imodium
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Multi-Vitamins
  • B-6 Vitamins
  • Potassium

There were also instructions for taking them and the location of each item listed. I looked like he was going to be busy detoxing for a few days. So he finally replied to Joleana, “I am afraid the memory stuff will have to wait a few days, while I detox. Let’s place that on hold and remind me in a few days.” Joleana replied with, “Your reminder request has been noted, and the files you asked me to re-organize have been completed. Is there anything else Charles or shall I return to standby mode?” As Charles’ stomach began to rumble and he felt nausea creeping in. He replied quickly, “Nothing else right now!” Then he ran out of the den. He knew where the bathroom was, he just hoped the future had not changed so much, that he would have problems, once getting there.

To be continued…