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While this is supposed to be a back burner project, I cannot access my main computer today due to the simple fact that my house is too cold. Thus I am forced into staying in the warm room and typing from my iPad.  For my readers, I suppose they will be happy, but I on the other hand, am not happy when it comes to delays in my current W.I.P. At any rate, let’s continue our story, shall we?

Some Things Never Change, Part 13-

Charles’ mind reeled back from the past and his arrest of the God Killer. He once more looked at the mountain of files he’d found hidden on the computer. Reluctant to wade through them because, while the were they were in chronological order, they were not separated into categories. (Oh well, nothing ever gets done while standing still) he thought, and was about to start digging into the files, when his mind flashed back to the incident with the paper towels. Remembering that he had spoken and the interface had responded by revealing the paper towels, he decided to give it a shot, with this one.

He hesitated at first, remembering how much of a pain language controlled devices had been in his former time, and decided that he should probably be very clear in his requests, just to certain no misunderstandings occurred.

He spoke out loud, “Who’s house is this?” He did not have to wait long for a response. At once a message and siren began blaring throughout the house. The message stated “Warning! Possible security code breach and intruder alert.”  The  message began to repeat again, and this time it was accompanied by a pair sliding panels opening up, and pair of machine guns sliding out. Then a third panel opened up, and a device which Charles did not recognize, slide out from it.

(Oh fuck, now what have I done?) Charles thought, as he considered diving for cover. Taking a second look at the machine guns made him reconsider that idea real quick. Those machine guns were not toys. They were beasts and would surely rip through anything he tried to hide behind.

His thoughts were interrupted as the blaring message changed and now stated, “Do not move while being scanned. Any attempt to do so will automatically escalate security protocols.” He certainly did not like the sound of that message and decided it best to remain still. As he sat there, the third device he’d not recognized, sent forth a laser that began moving up and down his body. Charles had seen enough sci- fi flicks to realize it must be scanning him with the laser.

When the laser finished its scan, it retracted back into the wall and the siren ceased blaring. The machine guns joined the laser. Then a voice, that seemed to emit from some hidden speaker in the ceiling spoke, “This is your home Charles. It appears you may suffered some memory loss. Do you require medical assistance?” With ears still ringing from the loudness of the siren and warning messages, and his heart racing from the shock of what just happened, he felt another sudden on-rush of the shakes consume him. He could not answer the question, the shakes had taken complete control.

The voice from above once more spoke, ” My sensors are showing that you have an increased heart rate and erratic muscle control. When that information is combined with my earlier scan of you and the finding that you have trace amounts of Heroin in your system, I am forced into a deductive analysis that you are suffering from withdraw symptoms. Under safety protocols I am required to ask again, do you require medical assistance? If I receive no reply within 30 seconds, safety protocols will be initiated and medical assistance will be called for.”

Charles could not reply but he could feel the wave of shakes easing up a little and hoped that they faded quickly enough for him to answer the damned machine. He did not know why exactly. It was just a gut feeling and his many years as a cop had taught him to trust that feeling. He felt that drawing unnecessary attention to himself might not be in his best interest, especially at this point, while he still knew so little about what was going on.

He tried taking slow, deep breaths and it seemed to help. Finally, he was able to quietly mumble the word “No”. The voice from above replied, ” That is good to hear, Charles. Is there anything else you require before I resume standby mode?”

To be continued…