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Yes, finally the words that have flowed through the device of which I now type upon, has received the last words for Shadow Shifters, Book 1. As most of you are aware, that is but the first phase of any book production. The next is the editing, of which I have no control over, how long that shall take. The only thing that I can control is the quality. With that in mind, the book will be released when, and only when, it meets the rigid quality standards I established with my first book. In simple terms it will be released when it is as error free as reasonably possible. For those who are curious as to the approx. length of the book, I have included a screenshot of the finished book, as it now stands. Now I shall go take a break…a much needed one at that.:) Keep a watch out for when I announce the book’s release. It will be on sale the first week only!



Shadow Shifters book complete