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Under the arch and into the tunnel. Yes, I will go now.

Into the dark recesses of the mind and yes too, the heart also.

For that is where they dwell, No? The secrets that hide, are indeed down there.

But they must be visited, seen, felt, touched…not doing so would be a crime.

A Crime against oneself, indeed so! It is in the darkness, that the light is found.

The light that shows the true path to who we are. The light that unveils all that we have done, seen, and felt, no matter how ugly they might be.

It is the light of truth. It is blinding, nearly unbearable, and double edged.

But we must seek it out, we must march into those dark places of the heart and mind, and seek it for one purpose.

A purpose of nobility, of pain, and of ultimately, for the purpose of placing a true perspective on our daily lives.

I stride now, bravely, solemnly into the darkness, so that this day I will find the light.

-From Libro tenebrarum Susurrat