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 Not wanting to set off any alarms, in the God Killer’s mind. Charles did, what nearly all people do, when seeing a hitch-hiker along the road. He averted his eyes and continued driving at the pace, he’d been going before seeing him. As he passed him, he unlatched his gun. He was no more than 100 yds. past him, when he slammed on the brakes and exited the vehicle, while withdrawing his revolver. Charles spoke loudly and with authority, “Don’t even think about moving! I won’t think twice about shooting YOU in the back!” He hoped, he said that last part, with enough conviction. He was not certain he would actually shoot an unarmed man in the back, but he wanted this man, this God Killer, to believe he would. He wanted this man to think he was not just a cop. He wanted him to think he was a crazy-assed cop.

 As Charles approached the God Killer, whom he later learned was appropriately named Gabriel, he spoke into his walkie, requesting immediate backup. Upon reaching 10 foot of the man, he stated, “Put your hands on your head, turn around, and lay down on the ground!” To Charles amazement, Gabriel did exactly as he was instructed. No arguing. No complaints or questions. He did not seem the least bit surprised, by anything the cop did or said. It was, as if he knew that this day would come, and had already prepared himself for it.

 Carefully, Charles approached the man, while removing the handcuffs from the back of his belt. He once more spoke to Gabriel,” Move your hands from your head, to the center of your back, palms up!” Again, Gabriel complied without a word. As Charles reached him, he quickly placed his right foot onto Gabriel’s hands, while sheathing his gun. Then he bent down and placed the handcuffs very tightly upon his wrists. He did this not only because he knew exactly how dangerous this man was, but also he secretly hoped, that Gabriel would make some sound, any sound. Even a scream of pain, would have been better, than the complete silence he’d received thus far. Gabriel did not grant his wish. He gave him nothing. Not even a flinch of pain.

 Becoming even more frustrated at this silence, he forcefully yanked the man up from the ground, by the handcuffs. Then, as he began to slowly direct the man back to his vehicle, Charles made certain, to clearly and precisely, read Gabriel his rights. Upon arriving at the police car, Charles stopped, finished with the man’s Miranda rights, while opening the rear door to police car. He then turned Gabriel to face him. Seeing the look upon his face, nearly caused Charles to step back. In all his years on the force, before or since, he’d never seen a look on a perps face, quite like that. The depth and conviction in his eyes, gave the look so much more power, that for a moment he felt overwhelmed by it, and nearly considered letting Gabriel go. The man had a look of peace and serenity, that was so complete, you believed there was no way he could have ever harmed anyone. After a moment’s pause, the spell broke and Charles inquired, “Have you understood these rights which I have spoken to you?” To this, Gabriel once more, said nothing. Charles was about to raise his hand, to lower him into the rear seat, when finally Gabriel spoke, “Worry not, my child. For God shall forgive you. You know not, what you do.” Once again, Charles paused. (Finally, the man speaks and this is what he says to me) he thought. (Surely, this cannot be the God Killer. There must be some kind of mistake.) Once more, he considered releasing him. He resisted the urge, then lowered Gabriel into the back seat and closed the door. Just as he closed the car door, backup finally arrived.

To be continued…