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 As he was working his way through, the now unhidden files, his mind flashed back to the days of the God Killer. His case was one of the most unusual he had worked on, in his entire career. The God Killer was like no other, at least not back in his timeline. Things may have changed since, but back then, there were no other cases on the books, like him. His M.O. was to kill random strangers. Each victim he incapacitated with a stun gun, then bound them and drove them, to a slightly off the main road location. Once at the location, he dragged the victim from the vehicle, and slit their throat. He let them bleed out while using a nearby tree and fallen limbs to construct a make-shift cross. Then, he slipped a rope around their neck and hauled them into a good location, for mounting them onto the cross he’d created. Once they were positioned properly, he nailed them to the cross. Then using a knife, he etched onto their chests “As it is in heaven”. He left the vehicle he’d used, somewhere within a mile radius, of the crime scene.

 No fingerprints or DNA of any kind, were ever found, at any crime scene. Furthermore, he killed victims in different states, who had no connections to each other. He also did not seem to discriminate whether he killed males, females, young, old, color of hair, eyes, or skin. To make matters even worse, he always did the killing and hanging at night, off the beaten path, thus there was never a witness to the crimes. It was awhile, before he was even on the radar, of the law enforcement agencies. Even when the various states, began compiling their combined information on the God Killer, there was no discernible pattern, with which they might have attempted to lure and capture the man. The simple fact was, he might never have gotten caught, if one of his potential victims had not gotten away. This lucky victim gave a good enough description of the man, that the local police sketch artist, was able to draw a clear picture of him. It took several months and literally millions of flyers, TV spots, and man hours before someone finally reported having just seen the God Killer, leave a convenience store.

 Charles had simply been the lucky cop who was in the area of the convenience store. He found the God Killer, less than a mile up the road, with his thumb up in the air.

To be continued…