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I can see them. I know not why. I know others do not. I am not sure if THEY know.

They creep and crawl around in the night. Pretend at, or playing at, shadows.

Dark, hollow, full of hatred and power. They hate us for our dreams.

That is why they take them, consume them. They devour what they cannot destroy.

In the distance there, I see yet, another one. It approaches.

Does it see me? Does it care? It walks right into me. It covers me. It consumes me.

I feel nothing. No pain, nor pleasure. Happiness, sadness, regret, enlightenment, all gone.

I see nothing, not even darkness. It’s as if I have no eyes. Everything is gone.

I  hear nothing, taste nothing. Even the tongue in my mouth seems to be gone.

I have become absolute and total nothingness.

I am a single thought drifting in an endless sea of void.

Then it passes me, and I am again… someone.

-from Libro tenebrarum Susurrat