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I hear it. It is distant, muted, faint, like a drum that swells up from the depths. But it is there, now… always.

I do things to forget it. I wake up, I get my morning cup. One sugar, one fictitious milk powder. Never too much of either. Everything in moderation.

I sit down, I notice it again. The knocking. It is still distant , still faint. Yet, each time it knocks, it seems to fill my mind with its presence.

I bring forth the power, waiting for the infernal beast to come alive, so that I might pound upon its keys. Keep the sound away for a time.

Knock…knock…knock. Finally, the beast is alive and ready for me. I begin pounding upon the keys. For a time, the sound fades. For a speck of time, I am at peace.

Knock…knock…knock. My mind wandered too far and I forgot to type. I allowed it back in. But I begin to type once more, and once more, it fades.

Each word I type, not only keeps the sound at bay, but fills another piece of a puzzle. It is a puzzle we all are given at birth. One we must all solve.

I do not know how I know this, I only know that I do. The only problem I have, is my puzzle seems to get larger and larger, than I originally thought it might be.

It is, as if each word I type, not only places a piece into the puzzle, but reveals another missing piece, at the same time.

Knock…knock…knock. This time it seemed a little louder, more pronounced. But yet… still far. I realize deep inside, every day, every moment, every second, brings it closer.

Knock…knock…knock. I turn off the machine and grab another one. This one smaller. My hope, is that if I read some words, it might go away.

With words written with electricity and displayed upon illusionary papyrus, my mind might escape this world, and this knocking, knocking, knocking, that comes ever closer.

For a time it does.


-From Libro tenebrarum Susurrat