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Life hath taken me upon a journey but I did indeed return such a favor. I sunk my teeth deep into its thirsty throat and drained it of everything it would bleed to me. Yet, I found it had more to give. Thusly, I took what I could find. I choked it, I shook it, I turned it over upside down, releasing everything it held in its greedy, hidden pockets. And yet, it still did not die.

Thus, I searched every crevice, seeking whatever else it might possess. Finally, in frustration, I began to pound on it. To beat it over and over and over again. I shall strive, with every ounce of energy I contain, to continue beating upon it, until it has nothing left to give.

Then, my friends, I shall go on to the next world and patiently await, as you do the same. I shall wait in hopes, that when we do once more meet again, we may make the new journey together.

-from Libro tenebrarum Susurrat