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 Sifting through the virtual mountains of information, available in the desk computer, was by any means no small task. One of the first things Charles accidentally discovered, was how to change what was viewed, on the individual monitors of the wall screen. By accident he switched one of them to TV and it did not take too many icon pushes to figure out how change stations. Before long he was watching CNN and learning he was now in the year of 2166. “No biggie, I only lost 153 years. Just another day at the office,” he mused.

 Now he knew when he was but still had no idea how or why. He had an idea, that the answer to the first of those questions, would not be something he would ever quite get. That was clearly above his pay grade. The second question, on the other hand, he knew he must find out. After nearly an hour of icon mashing he’d gotten little out of the computer. He simply could not find any personal files on it. It was as if, someone had hid, every personal file that was on it. Then the blondness seemed to have lifted up out of his mind, and the clearing fog left him, with the most obvious answer. Someone did hide all the personal files.

 He reopened the file browser, clicked on the settings and scrolled down, until he found the selection for “show all hidden files” and checked that box. Upon closing the settings menu, he was greeted with hundreds of folders. Each was labeled by date. “Well, I found them, but they aren’t exactly in the order, I would of liked to have found them. Crapola!” he rumbled. Knowing it was going to be a very, very long and tedious day, he went after some more coffee.

 Having retrieved another cup, he was re-entering the den, when a news story caught his attention. They were on the news talking about a serial killer’s latest victim. How the body was found, nailed to a tree, alongside an mostly empty stretch of highway. He’d been nailed to the tree in a fashion, that made the man resemble, having been crucified. They were calling the serial killer “The God Killer”. He nearly dropped his cup of coffee to the floor. “How could they be chasing the “God Killer” when he had caught that man over 155 years ago?” he questioned, as he lowered himself carefully back into the desk chair. Not knowing how it was possible, only knowing that this was most likely the why of it, he began systematically opening the file folders.


To be continued(hopefully)…