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 Charlie reached over with his left hand, in an attempt to steady his right hand. But he quickly killed that idea when he discovered it was shaking just as much as the other. In fact, the shakes were beginning to send shockwaves of numbness throughout his entire body. While he sat there shaking uncontrollably, he was thankful there was no pain, that came with them. He could live with numbness…if he had to.

 Just as they were unseen in their coming, they were also unseen upon departure. He did not even realize the shakes had left him, until he shifted his sitting position. Then, having had the time while he couldn’t move, he’d devised what would be the best place for him to start looking for the answers, to the questions he owned. He slowly got up, swayed only slightly this time and went for the coffee refill he’d had in his mind. Once the cup was filled, he then proceeded to the den. Of all the places in the house, he knew this one room contained the most information. Or ,at least it had, when he’d laid down for slumber.

 Upon entering the room he noted that the same general theme of colors and construction materials had also carried over to this room. The same brushed aluminum and brass furniture with pictureless walls, was really beginning to rake his nerves. Everything that had, even a drop of humanity, was removed from his house. It just did not sit right with him. Putting aside those thoughts of the environment, for a moment, he glanced around the room. He was relieved to see that the books still sat in their rightful places upon the shelves. He knew they did not offer much information for whenever now was, but just seeing anything that was not completely sanitized was a relief, to his sterilized eyes.

 When his eyes finally landed on the desktop, he was disappointed to find his desktop computer was gone. Of course, they even took his old, solid wood, hand-crafted desk which he’d inherited from his old man. Now, in its place, sat a brushed aluminum and brass desk, with a glass top. He thought, “Maybe, just maybe”. He slowly hobbled over to the desk and placed his hands upon it shiny glass surface, and as he suspected, it lit up. However, what this desk revealed, was more complicated than the kitchen interface. There we icons, words, and windows, all over the surface. Deciding this was going to take awhile to sift through, he walked around the desk, and sat down.

 A icon caught his eyes immediately. It showed a camera. Not a regular camera but a film camera. Hoping this might reveal some quick informational film footage, he clicked it. He heard a beep upon pressing the icon, and then a couple a mechanical clicks as a panel in the far wall slide open, revealing a screen nearly as big as the entire wall. On the screen were six individual boxes, each on displaying what looked to be real time footage, of the area around his house.

Well, at least he knew now, he could take his time sifting through the computer files, without worries of being surprised.


To be continued(hopefully)…