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First, let me congratulate each and every reader for having read the 3655 words typed thus far. I believe that is sizable enough to call it a chapter. 🙂 I would also like to announce, that I have a name in mind for our little experiment. I think that the title “Some Things Never Change” is a very apt title for this tale. However you, the reader, have been a big part of the success of this experiment. Therefore I would love to read your thoughts on the matter. Keep reading, keep sharing, and I shall do my best to keep entertaining.


 The idea of when began to sink into Charlie’s mind. It was an almost incomprehensible idea. So far-fetched, so just, out there. When it came down to it, he simply wasn’t sure it was a concept he could handle. “I mean, geez! It’s not like there was any special section of the Detective’s Handbook titled  How to deal with time travel”, he thought. Having swiped up the mess of coffee, he looked around and of course, could not see any trash can. This time he knew better than trying to find the right icon, besides his hands were kind of full. He said out loud “Trash can please”. No noises, nothing. He tried again “Trash receptacle”. Again, nothing, no joy. Trying to think, with his mind all muddy, was like wading through a mound of crap with no boots or clothes pins. It was a slow going and terribly smelly process. Finally, he tried something he hoped was a bit more accurate. “Waste Disposal unit” to which he was rewarded with a beep from the island counter, a few clicks from a counter area, which then opened and a trash compactor slid out.

 As he nursed his cup of coffee with baby sips, he began to go over the concept and evidence of his newly-formed time travel theory. The evidence really liked the idea of time travel…way more than he did. But evidence was evidence no matter how much you liked it. So he had to work with what he had. No other choice. Although, he’d always believed that some theories might be best left unproven, he knew that was not the case with this one. After all, he’d seen some strange man walk into the woods with his daughter. If he did not get a grasp on this situation he’s found himself in, it could be fatal for her.

 He walked into the living room, still moving slowly, not trusting his basic movement functions, just yet. His mind seemed to be slowly releasing the fog it contained. He sat back and began to add more form to his current theory. Obviously, some time while he was sleeping last night, perhaps several nights ago. He then realized, he had no idea just how long he’d been out. He filed that away as something requiring further investigation. At some time, in the night, someone had managed to slip into his house and drugged him and possibly his daughter too. Then they some how managed to transport them to a future time. All the evidence was there to support this theory. The grogginess, lack of basic motor skills, supported the idea of being drugged. Having seen his daughter outside his window supported the idea that both of them had been taken. Lastly, all the technology he’s seen outside his window and within his house, certainly supported the idea of traveling to a future time.

 For now, the evidence added up but it did not really answer some of the most basic questions. When exactly is it now? Why bring him to another time? Why bring his daughter? To which lovely criminal, did he owe thanks, for this mess?

His coffee cup was empty, time for some more. He began to get up and realized he could not. He looked down and was thankful his cup was empty. His hand was shaking violently.

To be continued(hopefully)…