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Before I begin once more, I have a special announcement. I’ll be having a guest artist render a drawing for this story. No date has been written in stone yet. Just keep reading, liking, and sharing. At some point, more will be revealed. And now back to our tale…

The man’s body shook with his tears and frustration, as he tried to reclaim his composure and feet. His mind screamed out at his daughter, Joleana, “Run, run, run away!” He knew that she could not hear his thoughts anymore than she could hear his voice. Yet, he felt compelled to yell it over and over again, in his mind. There was nothing else he could do. His heart was broken and the last resort of a broken man is insanity. In this moment, it was all he could do… wade in the deep waters of chaos.

He was unaware of how much time had passed before he was able to clamor to his feet and stop his mind from screaming, but at the moment, it seemed rather irrelevant to him. Of more greater import, was finding out exactly where he was at, and then he could device a way to change the current circumstances. He slowly, carefully made his way to the bedroom door and flung it open. Peering down the hallway, he tried to make out details as his eyes attempted to adjust to the lack of light. He took another step forward, hoping to see more and the hallway light came on.

He stood still. For a moment caught in the clutches of shock. Sure, at one point in his life, he remembered considering a security system for his home. But he also remembered. he never HAD one installed and furthermore, the system he’d been considering did not have motion detectors. Obviously, he had some now. The hallway had been given the same treatment as the bedroom. The small table and shelves were still in the their respective places, yet they were not the same. These also were made of the same brushed aluminum and brass. One thing that stood out here, was the lack of pictures. The hallway was a place he always placed a lot of pictures. There were none hung along this hallway. He glanced back into the bedroom and now noticed it also had no pictures on the walls. ‘How had he missed that before?” he thought.

Finally, deciding he had no answers, to the many questions swirling around his mind, he turned back to the hall. Shortly, he found himself in the bathroom. Yes, he wanted to investigate the house more vigorously but when you had to go, you went.  After finishing his business, he moved to the sink to wash his hands. As he reached for the cold water, it came on while at the same time, the toilet flushed itself. Both startled him and he nearly lost his footing. Regaining his composure, he glanced up into the mirror. One more he found that shock had taken ahold of him.

To be continued(hopefully)…