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Before a I begin, just a quick reminder, how long I type depends completely upon you, the reader. Thus, I have made sure there are plenty of sharing buttons, at the bottom of each post. You may share, if you so desire. The more people who read, the more likely the writing shall continue.  That being said, let us continue…

 Some small voices drew his attention away from the passing vehicle and he looked in their direction. The voices came from the direction of the park across the road. He was relived to see something familiar but upon closer inspection, he realized this park was not the same, as the one he remembered visiting, just yesterday. All the wood was gone. No more wood was to be found anywhere he looked. Everything was now made of metal and plastic. Even the chains that once swung the kids so high up into the air, had been replaced. The swings now hung from ropes. Yet the small section of woods, that lie directly beyond the park, still remained. He almost found relief in the knowledge, that people still managed to find time to argue here. Wherever here was…

 Looking beyond the woods to several blocks away, he could make out the buildings that lie beyond. On first appearances they seemed the same but like with everything else, closer inspection revealed more. In this case, the buildings were of the same structure and shape, but the exteriors all appeared to have been replaced by some type of metal siding. But that was not the only difference he noticed. All of the windows were either gone or completely covered over with what looked to be roll-up flexible metal sheeting. Furthermore, the doors were also gone. Every front door looked identical. Solid metal, no door knob, only a small keypad next to it.

 The more he looked around, the more he began to realize, that not only was his room some foreign place, but that the entire world had transmorphed into a completely different place. His mind began to reel from the implications of all he was seeing. He swayed, nearly lost his balance, reached for the window sill to stable himself. A sudden movement caught his attention. It was of a man in a black dress suit holding the hand of a little blond girl. They were walking toward the woods that lay beyond the park. The little girl looked to be maybe 4 or 5 years old. The man in the black suit had clean-cut short black hair, was thin, and looked tall compared to the little girl.. The girl looked briefly behind her and in a instant he realized exactly who she was. Her blue eyes shone brightly in the morning sunlight. Terror ripped through the man at the window. He saw his daughter disappear into the woods with a man he did not know.

 Frozen with shock and horror, he was slow to react. Then suddenly, he turned toward the direction of the front door. After two quick steps and while he was falling to the floor, he realized he was not in good enough condition to run.