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The man raised his left hand in a feeble attempt to block out the sunlight. It was the morning sun, displaying its full glory as it slowly arose from the east, the same direction the window faced. A simple yet profound thought passed slowly through his mind. “This must be what it was like to stare into the face of God.”

As he slowly made his way to the window. It seemed to him like he was wading through a sea of mini stars, as every dust particle was set afire, with morning sunlight. A few sounds made their way inside as he worked his way to the window. He could hear the occasional passing of a vehicle on the street below.  Some small voices drifted in and back out. A  half laugh, someone yelling something unintelligible from his distance. Electronic beeps of a truck backing up in the distance.

Reaching the window, he was once more overwhelmed by the light and forced to close his eyes, against the light. Through an eternity, and by inches, he finally managed to open his eyes enough to take in what was outside. It brought back a few memories but yet, it was not the same view he remembered seeing before he’d went to sleep.

Directly outside and below his window, was the street he lived on. Broward street. It was there but then again, maybe it was not. This was not a street he could remember ever seeing, anywhere. This street had metal rods placed into the ground on both lanes. The metal rods reminded him of railroad tracks. They were metal and of similar shape. Only these rods were sleeker in design and had what appeared to be a chrome coating on their exterior. As he was examining the road, a vehicle approached from his right.

The vehicle did not look like anything he could recall ever seeing, even in those car shows where they always show off future prototype vehicles. This one was a bright green in color. The kind of green you often see on glow-in-the-dark things. The front of the vehicle was flat, kind of wedge shaped and slowly sloped upwards toward the back end. It reminded him of a small wedge of moldy cheese. As the vehicle got closer he discovered that the sound it emitted was more electronic than automotive. Like the crackling of electricity between two poles. He was completely sure his jaw dropped to his knees, when he saw that there was no driver, in the front seat.

With the vehicle having passed, he once more turned his attention, to what else was outside his window.

To be continued(hopefully)…