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The sleeping man’s eyes fluttered. Opening and closing, opening, then closing again. The bright morning light that streaked in from the window, was making it hard for him to keep his eyes open. It was intense, bright, and painful. After many failed attempts, he finally managed to keep them open long enough to look around his bedroom. At first glance, he noted that his furniture all seemed to be in the proper places. He also noted that it was not his furniture.

The thoughts of his mind began to build up quickly. If this furniture was not his, how did this other furniture get here? Furniture gnomes invaded his house last night! No, of course, that was not it. He did not know any gnomes, not even garden ones. Maybe someone picked him up, moved him out to their car. Then drove him to another house, picked him up again and placed him a similar bedroom. But why would anyone want to do that?  This was not a funny joke!   Maybe an over-zealous interior decorator could not wait until daytime to redecorate his room. Obviously, he was not awake enough to be contemplating this matter. He sat up in bed, A stab of pain pierced his mind. He felt hung over. He did not recall drinking anything last night.

Once more he forced his eyes open. His was intent on taking in a few details of this room. Pain once more shot through his mind but he forced it back, as much as anyone could, first thing in the morning. The furniture all had the same look to it. All of it appeared to be made of brushed aluminum and brass. All very new and extremely shiny. When ever the sunlight landed upon the furniture, it was reflected off into multiple directions, thus giving the room a brightness and glow, not normally found in any typical bedroom. For a split second, a memory of an office he’d visited once, flashed through his mind. This room seemed as sterile and as bright as that office.

The man arose from the bed. His legs seemed weak, he wobbled for a second and nearly fell down. He quickly reached for the bedpost and was able to gain purchase, just in time. The coldness of the metal bedpost was not lost upon him. It meant that he was not hallucinating, and that the bed, was indeed made of some form of metal. He steadied himself for a few seconds before risking another step. He had in mind that the kitchen and it’s coffee maker would make for a good direction to travel. If only his body would work even half as well as his mind was, he might be there already. Upon taking his next step, he realized that the floor was extremely cold under his feet. He looked down and was surprised to find that his carpet had been replaced with tile. Now he stopped. A question, no, in fact many questions came to mind. But the loudest one asked, was the kitchen really the best direction to go now? This new information of the flooring being tile changed things and made him wonder where exactly he was. It now seemed more important to know where he was at. The coffee would have to wait. He carefully turned to his left. Sunlight flooded back into his eyes once more. He knew he must face it. He did not like it but still he took a step toward the bedroom window. He had to see what lay beyond the window.

To be continued(hopefully)…