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I have considered this for awhile. The idea is simple. I shall begin typing and you, the reader, shall read what I write. It shall continue until the story is done or one of us fails to do their part. As for my part, I promise to keep writing as long as there are people reading.

The end result will be either an entire tale written here for the world to read or an incomplete story. The end result is yours to decide, my friends. So let us begin…

 Tiny, delicate white hands, reaching forward. The hands have splotches of brown upon them. They are being propelled forward, toward an object just out of sight. Short white legs propel the hands. A round object comes into view. It is a ball that’s green with pink polka dots. The little white hands reach down and fetch up the ball. A giggle explodes into air as the child spins around, looking the man who tossed the ball.

 Finally, her bright blue eyes land upon the man. He stands about 40 foot away. The wind dances in his jet black hair as a small rare smirk slides across his face. His right hand does a subtle beckoning motion. The child springs forward while grasping the ball tightly. When she reaches a distance from the man that she is comfortable with, she stops abruptly and throws the ball with all her might.

 The man springs forth with cat-like reflexes and fluidity. He snaps up the ball just before it touches the ground. This draws forth another small giggle of delight from the child. She claps her hands together and yells “Toss me, toss it to me!”

 The man takes a few tentative steps towards the little one, carefully watching her face. Watching intently for any signs of wariness in her face or posture. At a distance of about 10 foot he stops, sensing any closer might bring concern to the child. He slowly raises the ball up to waist height, signaling he is about to throw it to her. She puts the palms of her dirty white hands together and says once more, “Toss me!” The man carefully tosses the ball to her in under-handed fashion. The ball lands directly between her hands and bounces but the child quickly clasps her arms to chest, trapping the ball.

 This time the laughter that explodes from her is so loud and full of glee, that the park in which they play, cannot contain it. The laughter drifts up and out, in all directions. Part of it finds an open window and rushes in. On the other side of the open window, it finds a man lying upon a bed. The laughter quickly seeks out an ear and dives in.

To be continued(maybe)…