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I wrote this piece of free form poetry about 4 yrs. ago. It is about changes and in the light of recent events seemed a good thing to post.


I awoke this mourn, grasping at a concept, unlearned or misunderstood.
The reality of reality. It’s mist, a veil of foggy confusion…
The dance of the songbird in the dawning sunrise.
The puzzle still missing yet another piece.

If I were to speak, when I should be quiet…
If I were to listen, when I should ignore…
If I were to walk, when I should sit down…
If I were to stay awake, when I should sleep…
Would my life be different?
If I were to do what was not expected…

Where would I be now, if but, one thing, I did differently?
It is like looking through a microscope with many different lenses.
Perhaps things would appear different,
yet really be the same.

Was I part of a plan or is it a plan of my choice?
Of all the endless possibilities, perhaps there is no real difference.
I lay down and close my eyes. For now, it all remains the same.

©-2006 JB Thomas