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Looking at the title one might easy decide that this post is sci-fi mombo jumbo, however, that is not the case.

The subject is how time travels itself. The dominant belief is that time is a linear thing and travels only in one direction unless one was to reach certain speeds or be doing something you love (e.i. Einstein mc2).

My belief on the matter has totally changed. I believe one can mentally shift through time on the fly. I can go from the year 2008 to 1983 in less than a second. While your mind going back through time is not quite the same as going there with your entire body, it is close. So close in fact, science has proven that imagining doing something has nearly the same result as doing it.

So this mental travel through time that I have been experiencing lately is likely to be the closest thing to time travel anyone living today will ever have.

While this,in itself might be interesting, it does not really begin to formulate exactly how the experience feels,nor does it even leak a bit of the end result.

For I do not usually take these journeys into the past. Having many problems dealing some issues usually was eased with a fair amount of drink from time to time.

Now that the drink and I, have parted our seperate ways for the most part, that leaves me in a different situation altogether now.

Time travel is not good for me.. I lose my bearings and have trouble finding my way back home.