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Hold on one sec, I got to go get the coffee pot started brewing. I have a feeling that this post may be a long-ish one. So while I am gone you might want to grab yourself a cup of coffee also….brb

K, coffee is started so while it perks a little, we can chat a bit. I mean, is’nt that what the web is all about? Meeting new people, playing some games and perhaps seeing some cool shit you ain’t never seen before. Maybe read a few jokes, check your email(and delete spam),chat via webcam or IM with people from any where in the world.

Got me a cup of coffee now so now we can really get a moving on, lol!. Where were we? Oh ya, things we do on the internet. We could go check out some new toys that we might want to buy or maybe catch that episode of our favorite tv show that we missed because that storm knocked out the satellite feed. Maybe we could listen to some new music or go to a social website and tell everyone what we have been up to lately and find out what they have been doing. Now that I think about it, I suppose you could write an entire novel on just the things you could do on the internet but that is not what this post is all about.

So wtf is this post all about you might wonder and I have a answer or two, perhaps even three for you, however, I really do think it might be better for you to sit down, relax, light a cig(if you smoke) and take a drink of that cup of coffee I recommended. This might take awhile. Don’t say you were not warned, dammit.:)

One of the first things you might have noticed about this post is the way in which I have been typing it. The most obvious being the little bits of common internet stuff. The :), the lol, the k, the brb, all common things typed on any given day surfing the www. I thought it not only appropiate but needed given that the www is the subject. Another, fairly obvious element I have added is (hopefully)a feeling of real time. As if I am sitting next to you, telling you something. Whether that something is something you WANT to hear…well that is indeed another story, isn’t it? 😉

I digress though, so let’s move on to the meaty-meat of the subject. The hoopla, the nitty-gritty, the under the table, gloves removed, truth of the matter. What I am about, what this damn post is about and wtf the www means to me, you, your momma and anyone else you do not give a rat’s ass about. Sounds like a alot to discuss, huh? Well it’s not as much as you think but perhaps I am wrong.

The www has so many things that it offers, to many people. For many it is a part of their body, melded with their soul. For others, not so much but still is a part of their lives, no matter how small. Bet you would be really hard pressed to find someone with no internet access these days. Hey, don’t believe me, go into work tommorrow and ask around. It is very unlikely you will find even a single person who never gets on the internet.

The reasons for this have already been mentioned, there are so many things you can do on the net and getting a computer and internet access is pretty cheap. Hell, if a poor man like me can afford it, I would bet dollars to donuts that anyone can. It can even be justified as a investment since buying things online saves you money alot of the time, not to mention you can find stuff online you cannot get locally.

So we get online and do the many different things we can do. We shop, play our games, chat with people and in general we have fun and kill time. But over time things change. Kinda like RL in that things never remain the same. Constant and never-ending change. Places we once went to are gone, replaced by something else. People come and go as always and things we built, wither and die. It is the way of the world and apparently the www reflects these traits.

Having been on the internet for more than 10 yrs. now, I have seen these changes first hand. I have watched as communities I visited and built, were torn down. I have seen websites I created, obliterated. I have seen games sites become nothing more than ad farms. I have seen blogs destroyed and lost to the darkness. I have seen the many changes that have come over the years and have found that one thing seems to be true of all these changes, is that with each change the loss of human creativity and originality happens. No, this is not always and it is not absolute but it is apparent.

Most certainly asshole hackers can be blamed for a large portion of these changes for the worse but none-the-less they have happened. Each day’s trip to the internet, I find my desire to log on less and less. The things I can do and find pleasure in, have lessened with time. Perhaps it is like RL in that every rut eventually gets worn. Old shoes get ragged and have to be replaced, right? They get holes and become uncomfortable as the soles wear out.

The www for me, has become like an old pair of shoes. Too much wear and tear. Perhaps this is something that others have found themselves or will find in the future, who knows. I only know what I feel. I feel the time has come for me to get some new shoes and explore other paths in my life. Why was I killing time anyway, when time is the only thing we cannot buy?


© 2010 J.B. Thomas