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I wish that I could reach through the veil,

the veil of reality and grab the invisible one.

Hoping that once throttled,

it would see my vision of reality and make the world better for it.


In the morning, when the world barely stirs and the birds sing their mellow songs,

I long for something a bit more intrusive.

Loud, percussive, perhaps even a cacophony of sound,

to interupt this peacefulness with its vulgarity.

As a plane crash lands on my neighbors house and forces everyone into the reality of life’s fragility.


I see that if the visions of afterlife were only that of hell,

of eternal fire and flame.

With the vision of a flame’s lick upon one’s face,

people might be forced to find enjoyment in their time spent here.


I believe that people should feel more and think less,

realizing that thoughts may give us direction,

but emotions get us there.


I have hope that humanity will learn from its mistakes and grow,

but I also know that if humanity does not,

the world would be better off without us destroying it.


I wish that sometimes were an always and constant,

for in the times when they are not,

I feel nothing.

© 2010 J.B. Thomas