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Another old writing I am moving over…


I am unsure as to when this wild white stallion entered my yard. I only noticed him when he started to chase one of my guests around the yard.

He was big, strong, and obviously slightly insane, for he gave chase most ardently. My guest after having been chased around the yard a couple of laps finally gained the presence of mind to throw himself through a rather large group of hedges into my neighbor’s yard.

At this point, the crazed horse wheeled around in search of other prey and  wasted no time in heading toward another one of my guests. This guy ran around a little, then ran up my patio steps toward me. As he ran past me he screamed “Do something!”, then ran past me and jumped over my flower garden. The horse turned and crashed right through my bricked-up flower garden. Apparently, in such a hurry to catch my guest that he had no concern for crashing through my garden wall.

My guest ran into my garage and slammed the door behind him. However, I was not far behind him and the horse, having just witnessed my flower garden being destroyed. I reached down and picked up what looked to be a large chunk of glass or maybe even a large piece of ice and was in hot pursuit of the horse. I was so infuriated by what the horse had done, I did not take the time to examine what I had picked up.

I reached the horse just as he arrived at the garage and started to turn around. I flung what was in my hand with all of my might at the horse and it hit him broadside and it shattered into pieces. It only took me a split sec for me to realize, I was now the horse’s next target. I turned and ran! I ran and jumped up onto the little remaining of my garden wall, then jumped onto my patio and up the patio stairs. I did not dare look back, nor did I need to, for I could hear the horse’s breath behind me.

I ran into the house and slammed the door behind me. Safe at last! Boom! A crushing thud hit the door and startled me.The frame shook with the impact. I took several steps back in fear. I waited…. nothing. No sound came from outside. Hesistantly, I approached the door, still no sounds.

I opened the door slowly, peeking out ever so slightly. Nothing. Open the door a little more. Still nothing. Then I happened to glace down and there he was. The horse was laying on my patio, half of him on my patio and half hanging over the edge. He was on the brink of falling off of my patio.

I approached him slowly, watching for movement of any kind. I could see he was still breathing but that was all. Must have knocked himself out when he slammed into my door.

I was still filled with anger for what he had done to me and there was no way I wanted this bad, evil, crazed horse lying on my patio. So I thought to myself, ” If I kick him hard enough, he should fall onto the ground. After what he has done to me, he deserves it.” With that thought in mind I slammed my foot into the horse.

Intense pain racks my body; shooting up through my foot as I realize, I have just slammed my foot into the coffee table and it was all just a dream.

©-2006 JB Thomas