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This is a short story that is being updated when I have time. Last updated- 6/25/11)

This morn’ I looked in the mirror and I saw nothing looking back.

No haunted blue eyes. No gray-speckled bearded face. Nothing.

I wonder, if I cut myself and bleed, will the blood remain unseen also?

I ignored it, just as I did when I began to fade.

There were worse things than being invisible, or so I thought.

One could be dead, perhaps that is worse.

When did the fading begin? I know not the exact moment or hour. I only know that it happened. Not all at once like you would think. It was a slow thing that seemed to materialize out of dark clouds. The dark clouds I saw coming. I expected them for I know what they come from. They are given life by too much loneliness. In that loneliness the clouds are given form much like God did with the earth. Are we not the makers of our own prison? I’d made mine and was content to live inside those dark clouds. Content to feel the rain they brought with them. Happy to be shivering in the cold of the rain and my soul. Then the fading came.

To be continued(maybe)

© 2011- J.B. Thomas