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It was early morning and our parents were not up yet. But the sun was out and had broken through our window making it impossible to sleep anymore. We wanted to go out, we wanted to eat some breakfast, we wanted to watch cartoons.

However, on the weekends my brother and I were not allowed out of our bedroom until our parents got up. They did not want us getting into stuff while they were still sleeping. I guess, with me being 7 yrs. old and my brother being only 6 yrs. old, quite the troublemaker already, they thought it best for both of us to stay in our bedroom until they came and got us up.

Not knowing what time it was and having to make the best of this very boring situation, my brother climbed down from his bunk bed. We sat and we talked for a little while, then as usual, my brother got bored and started complaining and I also, was beginning to feel the boredom myself.

“I’m Hungry!” he said.

“I want to go eat!” He whined and I agreed.

“I want to watch cartoons” he moaned and I replied ” Me too!”.

And that is when it happened…

There was the sound of static and then suddenly there appeared a picture on the my brother’s blanket that hung down from his bed. We both quickly moved a little closer and realized at once what we both were seeing. Cartoons! The morning cartoons were somehow being projected onto my brother’s blanket!

We quickly glanced at each other and both of us had this huge grin on our faces. Then we looked back toward the cartoons and moved closer for a better view and realized as we got closer that there was sound also! We both glanced around trying to figure out where the cartoons were coming from. Nothing behind us except for the wall, as the bunk beds were up against the wall. After about a minute of glancing around, we both gave up and just started enjoying the cartoons.

Not sure how long we sat there and watched them. A half hour? An hour? Perhaps more. It was not until we heard the footsteps of mom coming down the hall, that my brother jumped out of bed, grabbed his blanket and threw it all the way up onto his bed, just as mom walked into the room. She gave us one of those looks, you know the one that says  “What are you up to?” My brother runs over to her and says ” Yaaa Mommy!” and gives her a big ole’ hug. The look passes from her face and we all go on to the kitchen for some breakfast.

We never did see the cartoons again. Guess, that is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you never forget.

©-2006 JB Thomas