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Even in silence there is change. The air of the room stirs about and dust particles flow into different directions. Dancing about in little shows for microcosmic eyes to see. Perhaps they carry upon their wings smells that remind us of the day or week that has passed us by. Lights flutter about in random paths of silence and fluidity in the dark. Our skin feels the moisture of the air one second and the warmth of it the next. Even in silence there is change. But change is not limited to just silence. It is all around us. In everything.

As birds tweet their random songs of glee and sorrow. As cars wind their way down paths of destination and none. As airplanes fly overhead seeking to defy gravity for one more moment. As leaves fall from their branches and blades of grass stir through the movement of the wind. Change is there. Change is everywhere. It is in every part of nature and an essence of every moment. It is integral to life and it’s very foundation.

Yet seeing something this obvious and vitally important to the world and it’s existence does not seem to be enough. Either people seem to ignore this simple fact or do not give it the consideration it deserves in their lives. For most people do not change. They would rather die than change even a little thing. So stubborn, so arrogant, so set in our ways we are, that the mere thought of change scares some so much, that they run from it. Do they not see what is right before their eyes? Do they not understand it is natural to change and unnatural to stay the same? When will they see that change is the only path forward?

©-2010 J.B. Thomas