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At first glance…

we look through and all is crystal clear,

Although we may not understand what is to be seen,

we may not interpret correctly.

It is there,

as clear as a freshly washed window pane.

As time goes by

things become clouded yet our understanding becomes more accurate.

How much accuracy is there in clouded vision though?

Yet with time,

we hold on trying to explain and find meaning in the things,

that pass through the misty veil of sight.

And while we try,

they take away things from us,

some are important and some not so much.

In this though,

lies a great appreciation for what has come

and a deeper knowledge of what has passed.

Before we know it,

things that once were and things that are,

seem much the same,

the days blend into each other to form,

little pieces of some gigantic puzzle.

And through it all,

we can choose, or not, to retain something,

which defines who we are, who we become.

Know this though,

you can only choose one thing,  just one,

for with time everything else is stripped away.

I have chosen,

you should know by now,

you will also have to make this decision.

My mind is mine,

for there never was another choice,

never was something more obvious.

At first glance,

there was so much to see,

now there is only,

what I believe.

– © 2010 JB Thomas