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And so it began. The journey was anew once more. A journey of a thousand lifetimes or perhaps only one, he knew not for sure. Was the knowing really that important? A question he had asked himself many times before. He understood the 3 basic principles of knowledge. He knew that nobody knew it all. He knew that nobody would ever know it all. And finally, he knew that it was probably best, that nobody ever knew everything. Some knowledge is simply too dangerous to know.

So the knowing was not the important issue and this was clear to him. But then what was important? What made him take the next step down that lonely and forever directionless road? What made him turn the corner onto that next avenue? Why is it that he traveled without a map? You would think by now he would have at least gotten some shoes.

But on he walks. Step after step. Delibertly making his way down the long and winding road. Sometimes he looks back in reflection. remembering the parts of the road that had a particular crispness or clarity. Sometimes he looks back and remembers the times when a new vision gripped his mind and grabbed his soul. Sometimes he looks back and just remembers.

Yet, it is the looking forward which grabs his attention the most. The anticipation of what may lay around each bend. The fuzzy image of something that is very far away but looks interesting, possibly filled with promise. While what is behind always contains things that are unchangeable, what is ahead can be changed and always offers hope.

He ponders this and realizes, that these thoughts… this very moment of understanding, is what it all is really about. Though looking back can be enriching and looking forward can be revitalizing, It is the moment we live in, that is what matters. What we do now can change what is come and make sense of what was behind. It is the journey of the moment, that makes the road we are on, worth the walk.

The man continues down the road …

©-2007 JB Thomas