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This is another old one and thx for reading!


During the discourse of a lifetime,
one’s path is not always clear.
Decisions must be made in the face of trials,
then errors arise from choice.

If during the course of my life,
I have errored you in some way.
If I have damaged your sensitive ego,
through my words or deeds.

If I have painted an exact likeness,
you inferred to be reality.
If I have spoken a truth,
which embarasses,
when one looks upon their reflection.

If any of these things did occur,
through my words or actions.

I do indeed, apologize.

For I have not given what I have recieved.
I have been selfish.
I was far too fucking kind to you!

You poisened my mind with your lies and deceptions.
You rendered my heart into shreds of despair,
through your brash disregard for my feelings.
You cast my soul into the darkest pit,
through the loneliness you forced me to feel.

In the vastness of time and space,
you are nothing,
yet… I will never forget you.

(This note was cast upon my desk today.I am the evidence officer and it was found next to the body of a 16 yr. old suicide victim.)

©-2006 J.B. Thomas